Keep up to date with your cash register sales

What is SalesBO?

The SalesBO cloud service is web-based management, statistics and analysis service for cash register sales.

Administer your products and prices easily

Versatile management service

Administer the users of the service, sales representatives, products and prices through the web-based control interface.

Monitor your sales anywhere, any time

Near real-time monitoring

SalesBO cloud service allows near real-time cash register sales monitoring in and easy, safe and realiable way independent of time or place.

"For all the merchants, chain managers, store supervisors and supervisors of financial departments who want to improve their workflow and business."

Sales Back Office

SalesBO stands for Sales Back Office. SalesBO is a back office system that will keep a record of the sales transactions with a wide range of reports produced. See the description of Back office at wikipedia.

Suitable for retail and hospitality

SalesBO cloud is suitable for any business your compatible POS terminal is suitable.

Most useful for shop managers and business owners

For business owners and store supervisors it is a prerequisite to be able to manage and monitor sales with browser in computer or tablet device, independent of time or place.

SalesBO cloud provides electronic journals, charts and wide range of reports, all collected from your POS terminals from anywhere, into one central service.

You can monitor your daily sales near real-time from the dashboard.

Manage your products and pricing with ease

Besides monitoring, you can easily manage your products, prices, taxes, sales clerks and much more.

Any modifications you make on cloud are synchnorized to connected POS terminals.

Stock management

Available with SalesBO Premium. Products are automatically reduced from stock when sold, with reference to receipt number.

Stock management also supports recipe products such as drinks. There is an easy-to-use inventory tool for calculating stock value.


Cloud for CASIO POS terminals

SalesBO cloud connects your Casio POS terminals to an easily manageable entity.

The main advantage of SalesBO cloud is that you can continue using the reliable POS software provided by Casio on your terminal. Our solution does not alter the operation on the terminal and therefore requires no extra training for the sales clerks.

You can connect compatible Casio V-R series POS terminals *) to SalesBO cloud with ease. With our add-on application everything is done automatically on the background.

After our application is installed on the terminal and has been registered to the cloud, it will start synchronizing sales receipts to the SalesBO cloud.

Besides sales receipts, it will sync your products, taxes, clerks, electronic journals and much more!

The synchronization works in both directions. That means any modifications you make on the SalesBO cloud are synchnorized back to connected POS terminals.

Connecting your POS terminal to the SalesBO cloud does not delete sales information stored in the POS terminal, thus still allowing the individual extraction of reports from the POS terminal as you have used to.

With Premium, you get more advanced features such as ability to backup your Casio terminal to the cloud.

SalesBO Basic is now available now from your nearest Casio retailer in Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

Casio V-R7100
Casio V-R200


The SalesBO cloud service for POS terminals consists of the following service level specific features.





Supported terminals Basic Premium
Casio V-R200 with Android 4.2 and Premium 3.0
Casio V-R7000 with Android 4.2 and Premium 3.0
Casio V-R7100 with Android 4.2 and Premium 3.0
General Basic Premium
Two-way synchronization
Electronic journals
Clerk management
Product management
Product group management
Product classification management
Taxes management
Product settings
Data export
Cloud user accounts 2 unlimited
Reports Basic Premium
Total sales
Daily sales
Product sales
Main group sales
Transaction keys report
Daily sales report by email
Clerk report
Hourly sales
Charts Basic Premium
Total sales
Monthly sales
Product group sales
Product sales
Hourly sales
Clerk sales
Advanced features Basic Premium
Shop manager user level
Stock management
Inventory tool
Terminal backups
Supports Set menu items
Supports Mix & Match items Coming soon
Support Basic Premium
Email support provided by distributor/reseller


For Casio V-R200, V-R7000 or V-R7100

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